Internationalization & capacity building for a sustainable business environment in Oil&Gas producing countries

28 Marzo, 2019


Assomineraria, the Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association, represents over 120 companies highly committed to exporting world-wide the Italian expertise and know-how of the entire extractive industry value chain.


The workshop has presented and discussed the Association’s activity of creating partnerships with oil&gas producing countries, and Mozambique in particular, in order to:

– attract more investments for producing local natural resources,

– Improve cooperation with the Italian industrial system,

– develop local capabilities and infrastructures for a long term sustainable development.


The internationalization process of Assomineraria is centered on developing Capacity Building initiatives based on the know-how of the member companies and supported by the Italian Government efforts to accompanying the country’s supply chain worldwide.


Mozambique is the priority country of focus.



Introduction: the commitment of Assomineraria and its member companies
Luigi Ciarrocchi, President Assomineraria
Laura Castelli, Vice Minister, Ministry of Economy & Finance
Sergio Polito, Vice President Assomineraria – Equipment & Services
The Assomineraria Internationalization Project: what and how
Luciano Vasques, CEO, EniProgetti
Leonardo Brunori, Executive Vice President, RINA Consulting
The Proposition for Mozambique
Alessandro Olmo, Legal Department, SICIM
Reinaldo Almeida, Legal Department, Instituto Nacional de Petroleo
Conclusions: impact on the consolidation of the value chain
Luigi Ciarrocchi, President Assomineraria