Goriziane has been able to diversify its production range focusing on different sectors overtime and can offer today a wide range of products and services.
The Company stands out for its expertise of design, manufacture, overhaul and upgrade and has three Divisions: Oil&Gas, Defence and Railway.
Oil&Gas D. - Designs, manufactures and sell machines and equipment for pipelines, and pipe handling systems for pipelayer barges all over the world. Specifically, the equipment offered are pipe facing and bending machines, hydraulic power units, mandrels, internal line-up clamps, double/quadruple joint plants; whereas it provides firing lines and stinger rollers for the offshore sector. It also provides services of repair, general revision, upgrade of plants, machines and equipment for the Oil&Gas sector and of draw-works/winches, cranes of any tonnage and generating sets as well.
Defence D. - Is specialized in overhaul, repair, maintenance and update of a wide range of military vehicles, rotated, armored, tracked and wheeled, self-propelled or towed systems.
Railway D. - Of Diesel and electric engines, carriages and transmissions.