Stefanelli & Stefanelli Servizi Legali is a company that delivers consulting services, assists companies in managing legal risk and provides legal assistance for innovative projects.
Legal compliance, in fact, apart from avoiding sanctions, enhances the image of quality and reliability of a company on the market, differentiating it from competitors and thus increasing its competitive advantage.
The company operates in the areas of public and private procurement (both national and international), provides legal assistance in corporate projects of digital transformation, blockchain and smart contracts, and supports companies with regard to the compliance with the GDPR in innovative digital projects, data value and related contracts, as well as in other cross-cutting issues.
The services offered range from legal assistance in the feasibility study phase, to company compliance audits (in order to verify conformity with regulatory requirements), organizational and responsibility analysis (to manage risk management models) and the evaluation of the most appropriate solutions to business and management needs.
Stefanelli & Stefanelli Servizi Legali is also strongly committed to disseminating knowledge in its areas of competence, through the drafting of articles and ebooks, as well as through the creation of training events and webinars.