Monsud is an engineering and construction company that operates in the civil and industrial engineering, steelworking and energy systems since 1979.
Main activities are:
• Oil & Gas - Structures and plants.
• Energy and environment - Wind energy, photovoltaic, waste, biomass, incinerators.
• Nuclear decommissioning - Demolition of existing building, demolition and construction in controlled area, construction of structural civil works, plants, ventilation system, depots.
• Infrastructure - Bridges, auditorium, schools, buildings, structures for airports, hangars, train depots.
• Glass Industry - Engineering, construction of furnaces for float glass and components.
• Electricity transmission and distribution lines, poles and pylons - Engineering, production and installation of poles and pylons for the electricity transmission, alternative energy and mobile telecommunications.
• Telecommunication and network - Towers for radio bridges, poles and pylons for fixed and mobile telephony.