Pagano & Ascolillo SpA was born in 2009. This is the trade name coming from the business restructuring of Pagano & Ascolillo Group, which was born in the 90s to face the national market of Public Works.
Company’s experiences, which are constantly applied in the design and realization of technological installations, lead Pagano & Ascolillo to the top of the complex market of technological constructions and installations.
The Company provides Public Entities, General Contractors and private companies with high quality performances and services in all the branches of installations. In addition, Pagano & Ascolillo is able to provide adequate responses to an increasingly dynamic and demanding market, thanks to the attention paid to the technological innovation and the professional development of company’s resources.
The main purposes include:
• Meeting optimally clients’ needs anticipating their possible requirements;
• Standing out thanks to company’s reliability, competence and professionalism.