Seingim Global Service was founded in 1999. It has 8 operational headquarters throughout the Italian territory: Ceggia (VE), Padua, Milan, Ispra (VA), Bolzano, Fano (PU), Cagliari and Rome.
Seingim is a multidisciplinary engineering company, very dynamic, able to face and solve in professional way every issue related to plant engineering activities.
Our team is composed by engineers, technical designers, technical experts and planners. We are going to reach 150.000 working hours in year 2018 (80 employees).
Our activity goes from concept selection, concept definition, execution and construction projects, to support activities in field during commissioning and starting phases, related to:
• Process engineering.
• Electrical engineering.
• Instrumental and automation engineering.
• Mechanical and piping engineering.
• Fire prevention engineering.
• Plumbing & HVAC engineering.
• Environmental engineering.