Tozzi Sud is a leading Italian company that started with E/I installation and has expanded the supply of advanced systems both in the E/I and mechanical field.
The acquisition of a dedicated yard in the harbour of Ravenna gave more flexibility and operating capabilities, enabling to promptly answer to the needs of the market.
The success as EPC contractor in the renewable energy field has substantially contributed to the growth and success of the Company to be able to design and supply:
• Power plants (both conventional or renewable energy feed).
• Integrated cabins (containing power panels and control system).
• L.E.R.s to be installed on offshore platforms and FPSOS completed with electrical substations, DCS, ESD, F&G detection systems.
Thanks to worldwide presence, Tozzi Sud continues to operate as E/I and also as General Contractor in the following sectors:
• E/I design and installation for Oil&Gas plants (upstream and downstream).
• Electrical substations.
• Ships.
• Buildings equipped with advanced control and security systems.
• Chemical and pharmaceutical.
• Paper mills.