AleAnna Resources LLC, is a Delaware limited liability company with two subsidiaries operating in Italy: AleAnna Europa Srl and AleAnna Italia Srl focused on exploration and production of natural gas. The Company established an Italian branch office in Matera in 2007 and a technical office in Rome.
AleAnna has a large portfolio of E&P opportunities: 3 production concession applications, 14 exploration permits, 16 permit applications, both onshore and offshore, encompassing a total of over 11.800 sq. km.
AleAnna’s strategy has been to utilize technology to efficiently and effectively search for natural gas. AleAnna employs “best in practices Industry standards” and has run operations on six 3D seismic acquisitions and drilled four wells in Italy of which three are awaiting production concession approval. AleAnna’s portfolio includes over twenty 3D backed prospects ready for drilling derived from the recently acquired 3D data.