Studio Greenpit is a mining engineering Company formed to provide expert advice on mining (quarries, mines, thermal and mineral waters) through technical and professional skills with thirty years’ experience (engineers, architects, geologists, agronomists, topographers).
Private companies, trade associations and public bodies are the major costumers.
The activity includes an extensive range of specialized services such as planning on regional scale, mapping and computerized database, statistics, assistance in legal and regulatory issues, design and technical management of mining, quarrying, landfills and environmental recovery.
Studio Greenpit is also specialized in environmental monitoring and surveys on occupational health and safety (dust, noise, vibration), education and training.
Through its subsidiaries, Studio Greenpit can provide services like topography and aerophotogrammetry; laboratory tests for CE certification of stone and aggregates; advice for Quality – Environment - Safety Certification and EMAS; hydrogeological, geological, geotechnical and geophysical surveys and lifting equipment tests.