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Assomineraria, the Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association, was founded in 1917 and is part of Confindustria, the Italian industrial and manufactural association. The main institutional objective of Assomineraria is to represent the interests of its 119 associate Members, Italian companies specialized in the various fields of mineral exploration and production.
Assomineraria is organized in three Sectors:


Mining – Includes 12 Companies active in the exploration of the Italian subsoil to extract and produce solid minerals (bentonite, coal, silica, kaolin, feldspar, talc) destined to high value-added industrial processing (paper, glass, plastic, paints, ceramics, medicines, cosmetics and others).

While maintaining and defending the legal framework on concessions, the Mining Sector is also committed to increase for industrial minerals appreciation, so important for our economy, and to promote greater awareness on safety and sustainability issues in environment-related activities.


Hydrocarbons and Geotermal – Includes 17 Operators, holders of mining concessions for hydrocarbon Exploration & Production. Along with the multinational “Majors”, the Sector represents a number of “Juniors” oil companies from Europe and North-America.

Companies are active in making available the Italian endowment of on-shore and offshore oil and natural gas resources. They also manage and develop natural gas storage.
Assomineraria’s analyses show that Oil&Gas activities have not only a series of positive impacts on energy supply security, fiscal revenues and employment, but that they also are environmentally sustainable, they are integrated with economic activities on the territory and have safety levels ten times higher than the average for the Italian industrial sector.


Equipment and Services – Includes 90 Contractors. These are branch offices of international corporations and Italian companies that, having developed state-of-the-art technologies and know-how, have broadened out in the international market, in many cases with great success.

The Sector includes Companies with state-of-the-art professional level and highly competitive technological standards. These Companies are ready to engage in the implementation of the Italian hydrocarbon upstream investment program, and to reap the opportunities offered on the international market by the demand for Equipment and Services from great investments projects around the world. Assomineraria supports these companies with initiatives which promote coordination and synergy between the companies.


In particular, the Sector has created ASSOIL School (Advanced Skills for Services in Oil & Gas Industry School) in the South of Italy (Viggiano, Basilicata). The Center organizes training courses for the upstream industry to transfer know-how to employed or unemployed human resources. ASSOIL School is a permanent structure, willing to prepare Italian or foreign professionals for SMEs or for Oil Companies, in Italy or in countries which are beginning to develop their local reserves.


Assomineraria represents dynamic industrial sectors whose output is significant and, in many cases, growing in the international market. Their strong points – new projects, employment, investments and ongoing technological innovation – are always paired with the commitment to respect safety and the environment. Growth is based on two main guidelines: sustainability and full transparency with stakeholders and in operation areas. The activity carried out in Italy by Assomineraria Members has led to the valorization of very important underground resources from an economic and strategic point of view; it has also contributed to the development and implementation of operational and technological skills which are strongly competitive on the global market. Relaunching these activities could be an important factor for Italy in a moment of economic difficulty and recession trends.


Synergy and transparency are keywords for the Country’s future development. Indeed, Assomineraria’s upstream operators are fully able to implement programs in synergy with the institutions and the environment. To attract new investments, Government authorities should implement plans to guarantee a dependable tax code, an efficient system of norms and a good central and local administrative interface, while companies need to guarantee maximum transparency and rigor. Procedures and constraints in force in the EU must be a common point of reference for all stakeholders, if we bear in mind that Italy’s current administrative procedures are in fact a stumbling block to a prompt start of operations, already technically feasible and totally financed by private investors.





► Analysis, monitoring and proposal of new initiatives with respect to the legislation and regulation of industrial minerals and hydrocarbon exploration and production at national level (Parliament and competent Ministries), at local level (Regions and Municipalities) and with the European Parliament and Commission.
► Research, meetings, seminars and workshops on topics of interest for Associate Members.
► Cooperation with Confindustria and Confindustria Energia on energy and environment policies.
► Relations with national and international organizations, agencies and associations. At European level, cooperation with the Industrial Minerals Association (IMA-Europe).
►Support to Associate Members in their plans to access and succeed in international markets.
►Support to Associate Members in the certification and diffusion of environment, safety and quality related technical innovations, in a Corporate Social Responsibility framework.
► Represents Associate Members within the National Mining Workers Collective Contract.